Nativus Coniunctus: Our Future Species Name

This is a meant to be a fun opinion piece to spark your imagination, submitted by thinkers in our community. Because Terrestrial Extras closely resemble modern-day Homo Sapiens, and because they are believed to be the next species of human life on earth, Terrestrial Extra researchers have given the Linnaean classification to the family of […]

200 Common First Names of the 1920s

Expecting a baby and looking for a classic, retro name? As we begin the 2020’s, try taking a look back at the roaring 20’s for baby names and inspiration. Here are 200 common male and female names used throughout the 1920’s, listed in order of most to least popular, as recorded by the United States […]

The True History of Middle Names

First and last names have obvious uses, but why do we use a middle name? Historically the reason why a person has a middle name is linked with how the middle name itself was chosen. The ancient Romans are believed to be the first to use three names, but it wasn’t the same as middle names today. Roman “Middle” Names Karen […]

Most Common Scottish Surnames

Many Scottish surnames date all the way back to the Middle Ages. Medieval naming customs have shaped most of our present-day surnames, and the mingling and blending of families from all over the British Isles have spread and preserved the prominence of these names.  This is a follow-up post to our Common Surnames in Scotland […]

10 Last Names That Are Associated With Wealth

A person’s lineage can often be determined by their last names. They help people find out their ancestors’ profession, languages they knew, the number of years they lived, the education they had, and the place where they resided. This has been proven by tracing the lineages of people with rare surnames through public records, like […]

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