10 Last Names That Are Associated With Wealth

A person’s lineage can often be determined by their last names. They help people find out their ancestors’ profession, languages they knew, the number of years they lived, the education they had, and the place where they resided. This has been proven by tracing the lineages of people with rare surnames through public records, like genealogical records. Furthermore, a family name can be used to determine a family’s position in the social hierarchy. Below is a rundown of 10 last names that suggest a history of wealth.


The Cash last name has a Scottish origin and is derived from Caschel, which means castle in Gaelic language. In the 13th century, its variation Casche was adopted by a Scottish earldom. Cash became a common name by the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The name became popular in the 20th century because of the singer Johnny Cash.  


Franc is a popular European surname that is associated with wealth. One of the strongest legal tenders in the world is the Swiss Franc. Swiss banks are renowned for their banking policies. Countries such as Belgium, France, and Luxembourg also had their respective Franc currencies before they were replaced by the Euro. Franc is sometimes spelled as Frank. The last name Franc precisely means free in the French language. 


Yen is the currency used in Japan, which means craving for something. Many people have Yen as their last name in China. Donnie Yen is a popular Hong Kong actor with this surname. Yen is also common in Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. On the other hand, Yen means calm in Vietnamese. In Vietnamese culture, swiftlets are known as chim yen, where chim stands for a bird.


Banks is a popular last name that is linked with wealth. It was the last name of the teen character in the spy comedy film Agent Cody Banks. The story of Mary Poppins revolves around the Banks family. Banks is the name of the affluent family in the 1990’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Apart from fictional characters, many notable people also have this surname.


The 20 dollar bill of the United States features Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the country. This is one of the reasons why so many parents are willing to give their children this as a first name as well. Furthermore, the name is also adopted by many as it was shared by the king of pop Michael Jackson. The last name is linked with aristocracy as the literal meaning corresponds to the son of Jack.


The last name originates from a village called Hamilton in England, where people adopted it as their family name. On the other hand, some have descended from the aristocratic Hamilton family. Alexander Hamilton Is featured on the 10 dollar bill of the United States, who was one of the founding fathers of the nation. Moreover, he was the first secretary of the treasury. This is why Hamilton is linked with wealth.


Phoenix is a popular family name that is associated with affluence. It was the currency used in Greece during the 19th century. The name symbolizes a special bird in the Greek mythology that lives, then burns to death, and finally comes back to life from the ashes. The name has a growing popularity, thanks to the award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix.


Bond is an Old Norse name that was brought to England by the descendants of the Vikings known as the Normans during the 11th century. The name Bond stands for a farmer or a husbandman. Ruskin Bond is a prominent Indian author who has this surname. Bond is regarded as a classy surname, thanks to the fictional spy named James Bond. It is a financial jargon as well, which is a form of debt security similar to stocks.


This last name has been popular throughout time as it is one of the first four gospels of the New Testament. The surname was a prominent family name in the German state of Prussia during the 16th century. It is also linked with money because marks were the currencies in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Poland at different time-periods. At present, the mark currency is only used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Penny is a famous last name in North America that is associated with prosperity. All know it as the lowest denomination of the U.S. currency, where hundred pennies will be equal to one dollar. This currency unit is also used in several other English speaking nations. Penny is one of the main characters of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. This name has been derived from Penig, which means coin in Old English.

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