No Kill Network, a legit lifesaver

Part of our daily routine is sifting through data. Data, data, data. It is fun, and we love to figure out ways to display it in ways that others can enjoy it. As we crunch the data about adoptable pets, we take note of organizations that show up again and again, and one that continues to stand out is the No Kill Network. So we focused our lens on this organization for a while to learn more about it and we were blown away by what they’re doing to help save lives! We thought it was worth sharing our review, just as we did for Rescue Groups previously.

The No Kill Network has been around since 2006 and sums up its organization’s history as “a story of compassion, volunteers, and continuous education.” They have served as an organization that unifies thousands of physical shelters across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand with a common message that the old status quo solution of euthanasia when shelters run out of space is no longer acceptable. Back in 2006 when they started, you can imagine this wasn’t the prevailing mentality, but when you look at shelter statistics and gauge the sentiment of people today, a positive paradigm shift has occurred. And from what we can tell, the longevity and steadfast nature of the message that the No Kill Network has been voicing has played a big part in getting people to create and embrace the more compassionate status quo of saving lives. 

One of the things we loved when reviewing their site was this statement:

“If you’d like to make a contribution to us, we appreciate it and thank you. However, we would ALWAYS prefer that you find a local, well-deserving organization and donate to them instead. Engage with, learn about, and help them – then share your feedback on our site in hopes that your insight will encourage others to do the same.”

In fact, you can find some links to contribute, but the links aren’t very obvious and we didn’t find anywhere that they are bombarding people with requests. So kudos to them for directing funds in an effective way that serves pets at the local level.

In addition to promoting the no-kill message, they have built tools to help pets in need of homes connect with people who are looking to adopt. This is how we found out about the nokill network in the first place – adoptable pets posted on are updated daily on our website through our pet datafeed. They also have a service to help people report lost and found pets, (we don’t display that data on our site). Posting any adoptable, lost, or found pet is free, and they’ll put the word out to their community that there is a pet in need.

So based on our review of the No Kill Network, we are very impressed with the amount of good they’ve added to the world and wanted to share our review to provide them with a legitimate thumbs up to keep it going. If you want to read some No Kill Network reviews from people that have used their website to help them with their pets, get your tissues out and read through the success stories people have posted. See those stories and we think you’ll agree, in Namedat speak, “Dat’s Legit!”

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