John Lennon

John Lennon

Archive and John Lennon Articles Dedicated To The Greatest Singer Songwriter And The Most Influential Political Artist Of The 20th Century. John Winston Ono Lennon John Winston Ono Lennon has been exhumed in print more than any other popular musical figure, including the late Elvis Presley, of whom Lennon said that he “died when he […]

1980 Playboy Interview With John Lennon And Yoko Ono

by David Sheff. September 8-28, 1980. Published January 1981. Article ©1981 Playboy Press A candid conversation with the reclusive couple about their years together and their surprisingly frank views on life with and without the Beatles. To describe the turbulent history of the Beatles, or the musical and cultural mileposts charted by John Lennon, would […]

1980 Rolling Stone Interview With John Lennon

by Jonathan Cott, December 5, 1980. Published January 22, 1981. Article ©1980 Rolling Stone “Welcome to the inner sanctum!” says John Lennon, greeting me with high-spirited, mock ceremoniousness in Yoko Ono’s beautiful cloud-ceilinged office in their Dakota apartment. It’s Friday evening, December 5, and Yoko has been telling me how their collaborative new album, Double […]

Nowhere Man: The Final Days Of John Lennon

by Sydney L. Murray. A Conversation with Robert Rosen author of Nowhere Man. John Lennon was an extremely complex man who inspired millions of people to believe in the power of love and the possibility of peace on Earth. I had the opportunity to speak with Robert Rosen a New York City journalist and writer, […]

Who Killed John Lennon?

by Fenton Bresler “Laurel and Hardy, that’s John and Yoko. And we stand a better chance under that guise because all the serious people like Martin Luther King and Kennedy and Gandhi got shot.”-John Lennon Part 1 Bresler begins by questioning the “lone nut” theory. Since 1835, 15 men and 2 women have attacked “nationally […]

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