John Lennon

Washington Killed Lennon, Says Son Sean

by David Sapsted John Lennon’s youngest son yesterday blamed the fatal shooting of his father almost 20 years ago on a conspiracy backed by the United States government. Sean Lennon, who made his debut as a solo artist last month, told New Yorker magazine that the ex-Beatle was a “counter-cultural revolutionary” who the American government […]

Castro Unveils Statue Of Lennon In Havana On December 8, 2000

Once-Shunned Lennon Now Feted In Cuba Havana, Cuba Communist-run Cuba came full circle Friday to fete John Lennon, whose music was once frowned on as a decadent Western influence, as a “revolutionary” hero. Official honors for the Beatles star on the 20th anniversary of his death included a documentary by President Fidel Castro’s personal cameraman, […]

The New York Times – John Lennon

December 1980 John Lennon, who was widely regarded as the most thoughtful and outspoken of the four Beatles during their peak of popularity during the 1960’s, dropped out of the music business, to devote his attention to his newly-born son, Sean, and to his wife, Yoko Ono. Then in November 1980, he reentered the pop […]

1968 Rolling Stone Interview With John Lennon

by Jonathan Cott. September 28, 1968. Published November 23, 1968. Article ©1968 Rolling Stone Q: “I’ve listed a group of songs that I associate with you, in terms of what you are or what you were, songs that struck me as embodying you a little bit: ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,’ ‘Strawberry Fields,’ […]

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