Popular Dog and Cat Names in Mississippi

Updated pet name data for the state of Mississippi is in, and y’all is it good! The good folks working at any of the 51 partner shelters across the state have proven their creativity with standout dog names like “Pecan Pinwheel” and “Ringo Brindle”, and cat names like “Lil’Bit” and “Parker Poots” – gotta love it!  We’ve […]

Top Dog Names of 2023

2023 is rolling and dog names are fascinating as always. Let’s take a look at what’s trending so far from our data-crunching page of dog names. We’ll watch the data and make updates throughout the year! At the time of this snapshot (3/30/2023), here are the most popular dog names that we tracked from 29,561 […]

No Kill Network, a legit lifesaver

Part of our daily routine is sifting through data. Data, data, data. It is fun, and we love to figure out ways to display it in ways that others can enjoy it. As we crunch the data about adoptable pets, we take note of organizations that show up again and again, and one that continues […]

Top Dog Names 2022

There is often so much creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into the naming of a dog. Is your dog’s name on the list? As the year 2022 is coming to a close, let’s take a snapshot of the most current dog name data. We’ll take snapshots throughout the year so that we can refer back […]

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