Dat Pet Data

From where does all of this pet data come? For the majority of it, we’d like to give a big shout-out to RescueGroups.org! They are an outstanding non-profit with big hearts and big technological solutions. If you are an animal welfare organization, we encourage you to explore their services to learn how they can help you help the animals for whom you’re caring.

Namedat provides facts and stats about names, and although human names are interesting, the dog and cat name data is our passion. We decided to use pet name data based on adoptable animals because these are animals in the most need – animals who need to find loving homes as soon as possible. So although your interest in pet names may have brought you to our site, we hope that you might also consider providing a loving home or sharing a link with someone who can. The pet name data on our site is so much more than just facts and statistics about names – behind each name is an actual pet that you can locate, learn about, and help.

The pet data on namedat.com is updated daily, weekly, and monthly. We have many scripts in place to help extract, cleanse, filter, and display the names and pets in the most accurate way. We are always on the lookout for problems with the way that the data is displayed and also remove problematic data as it comes up. If you notice any data that you’d like us to review, please report it. Thank you for your help and interest!

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