200 Common First Names of the 1920s

Expecting a baby and looking for a classic, retro name? As we begin the 2020’s, try taking a look back at the roaring 20’s for baby names and inspiration. Here are 200 common male and female names used throughout the 1920’s, listed in order of most to least popular, as recorded by the United States Social Security Administration.

  1. Robert and Mary
  2. John and Dorothy
  3. James and Helen
  4. William and Betty
  5. Charles and Margaret
  6. George and Ruth
  7. Joseph and Virginia
  8. Richard and Doris
  9. Edward and Mildred
  10. Donald and Frances
  11. Thomas and Elizabeth
  12. Frank and Evelyn
  13. Harold and Anna
  14. Paul and Marie
  15. Raymond and Alice
  16. Walter and Jean
  17. Jack and Shirley
  18. Henry and Barbara
  19. Kenneth and Irene
  20. Arthur and Marjorie
  21. Albert and Florence
  22. David and Lois
  23. Harry and Martha
  24. Eugene and Rose
  25. Ralph and Lillian
  26. Howard and Louise
  27. Carl and Catherine
  28. Willie and Ruby
  29. Louis and Eleanor
  30. Clarence and Patricia
  31. Earl and Gladys
  32. Roy and Annie
  33. Fred and Josephine
  34. Joe and Thelma
  35. Francis and Edna
  36. Lawrence and Norma
  37. Herbert and Pauline
  38. Leonard and Lucille
  39. Ernest and Edith
  40. Alfred and Gloria
  41. Anthony and Ethel
  42. Stanley and Phyllis
  43. Norman and Grace
  44. Gerald and Hazel
  45. Daniel and June
  46. Samuel and Bernice
  47. Bernard and Marion
  48. Billy and Dolores
  49. Melvin and Rita
  50. Marvin and Lorraine
  51. Warren and Ann
  52. Michael and Esther
  53. Leroy and Beatrice
  54. Russell and Juanita
  55. Leo and Clara
  56. Andrew and Jane
  57. Edwin and Geraldine
  58. Elmer and Sarah
  59. Peter and Emma
  60. Floyd and Joan
  61. Lloyd and Joyce
  62. Ray and Nancy
  63. Frederick and Katherine
  64. Theodore and Gertrude
  65. Clifford and Elsie
  66. Vernon and Julia
  67. Herman and Agnes
  68. Clyde and Wilma
  69. Chester and Marian
  70. Philip and Bertha
  71. Alvin and Eva
  72. Lester and Willie
  73. Wayne and Audrey
  74. Vincent and Theresa
  75. Gordon and Vivian
  76. Leon and Wanda
  77. Lewis and Laura
  78. Charlie and Charlotte
  79. Glen and Ida
  80. Calvin and Elaine
  81. Martin and Anne
  82. Milton and Marilyn
  83. Lee and Kathryn
  84. Jesse and Maxine
  85. Dale and Kathleen
  86. Cecil and Viola
  87. Bill and Pearl
  88. Harvel and Vera
  89. Roger and Bessie
  90. Victor and Myrtle
  91. Benjamin and Alma
  92. Wallace and Beverly
  93. Ronald and Violet
  94. Sam and Nellie
  95. Allen and Ella
  96. Arnold and Lillie
  97. Willard and Jessie
  98. Gilbert and Jeanne
  99. Edgar and Eileen
  100. Oscar and Ellen
  101. Gene and Lucy
  102. Jerry and Minnie
  103. Douglas and Sylvia
  104. Johnnie and Donna
  105. Claude and Leona
  106. Don and Rosemary
  107. Eddie and Stella
  108. Roland and Mattie
  109. Everett and Margie
  110. Maurice and Genevieve
  111. Curtis and Mabel
  112. Marion and Janet
  113. Virgil and Geneva
  114. Wilbur and Georgia
  115. Manuel and Bonnie
  116. Stephen and Carol
  117. Jerome and Velma
  118. Homer and Lena
  119. Leslie and Carolyn
  120. Glen and Mae
  121. Jessie and Jennie
  122. Hubert and MAria
  123. Jose and Christine
  124. Jimmie and Arlene
  125. Sidney and Peggy
  126. Morris and Marguerite
  127. Hugh and Opal
  128. Max and Sara
  129. Bobby and Loretta
  130. Bob and Harriet
  131. Nicholas and Rosa
  132. Luther and Muriel
  133. Bruce and Eunice
  134. Junior and Jeanette
  135. Wesley and Blanche
  136. Rudolph and Carrie
  137. Alexander and Emily
  138. Franklin and Beulah
  139. Tom and Billie
  140. Irving and Dora
  141. Horace and Roberta
  142. Willis and Hilda
  143. Patrick and Naomi
  144. Steve and Anita
  145. Johnny and Jacqueline
  146. Dean and Alberta
  147. Julius and Inez
  148. Keith and Delores
  149. Oliver and Fannie
  150. Earnest and Hattie
  151. Ben and Lula
  152. Jim and Verna
  153. Tony and Cora
  154. Edmund and Constance
  155. Lyle and Madeline
  156. Guy and Miriam
  157. Salvatore and Ada
  158. Orville and Claire
  159. Delbert and Mamie
  160. Billie and Lola
  161. Phillip and Rosie
  162. Clayton and Erma
  163. Otis and Rachel
  164. Archie and Mable
  165. Alex and Flora
  166. Angelo and Daisy
  167. Mike and Sally
  168. Jacob and Marcella
  169. Clifton and Bette
  170. Bennie and Olga
  171. Duane and Caroline
  172. Matthew and Laverne
  173. Clinton and Sophie
  174. Dennis and Nora
  175. Wilbert and Rebecca
  176. Dan and Estelle
  177. Jay and Irma
  178. Marshall and Susie
  179. Leland and Eula
  180. Merle and Winifred
  181. Ira and Eloise
  182. Nathaniel and Janice
  183. Ivan and Maggie
  184. Ervin and Antoinette
  185. Jimmy and Nina
  186. Irvin and Rosalie
  187. Alton and Imogene
  188. Lowell and Lorene
  189. Dewey and Olive
  190. Larry and Sadie
  191. Emil and Regina
  192. Antonio and Victoria
  193. Wilfred and Henrietta
  194. Elbert and Della
  195. Juan and Bettie
  196. Alan and Lila
  197. Allan and Fern
  198. Lonnie and Faye
  199. Nelson and Johnnie
  200. Forrest and Jeanette

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