10 Most Common Last Names in New England

Have you ever wondered what the most common last names in your state are? You might be surprised to find that the answer often has a lot to do with the history of the state. The states of New England have an incredibly rich history, seeing as they were among the first states to exist in […]

Common Surnames in Scotland

Are your ancestors from Scotland?  Is MacBeth your favorite play by Shakespeare?  Have you ever wondered whether everyone wearing a kilt really has a last name starting with “Mac”?  A recent census showed that surnames in Scotland haven’t changed too much in the last century and a half.  Which names are the most common? Patterns in […]

6 Historical Last Names in American History

Given the fact that most of us Americans have a European background, it is no surprise that many of our last names are European. But why is it that people from other backgrounds have these names as well? History can be strange and intriguing, as shown by these 6 historical last names in American history. […]

6 Strange Name Coincidences in History

A wide variety of fascinating and mind-boggling things have happened throughout history, some so bizarre that you might not believe them to be real. Stories of complete strangers with an astonishing connection, predictions that came true, uncanny patterns… coincidences in this world are everywhere, and most seem as though they come from a story or movie, rather than straight […]

12 Strange and Long First Names

Sometimes parents make choices for their kids’ names that just seem odd to everyone else.  Of course, one person’s “strange” is another person’s “normal.” This is especially true in other languages. When I visited China, I learned that my given name can be translated there as “Big Noodle,” and you can bet that made the locals […]

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