Choosing a Baby Name That Implies Strength

Choosing a baby name that implies strength is more than just picking a baby name with the meaning “strength.” Some names suggest power, vitality, and brawn just in the way it sounds or in what people associate with it. While a name like Rose may conjure images of a pretty, fair-skinned girl with pink cheeks, the name […]

Most Common Pakistani Surnames

When it comes to Pakistani surnames, there are no official statistics that can establish their popularity ranking. One reason being that surnames in Pakistan differ based on ethnicity and caste. Regardless of this, there are many Pakistani surnames commonly heard in pop culture, academics, business, politics, science, and sports. All have fascinating connections to both […]

First Names That Have Double Meaning

Etymology, or the study of the origins of words, is quite a fascinating field. Within this field is the more specific study of names, or onomastics. Like languages, names have developed throughout history through various influences, be it social-economic factors, migration, occupations, wars and conquering, shifting of empires, and more.  Nowadays, giving a name is […]

Famous Names in Love History

Ah, l’amour! Love! Western culture is obsessed with love stories, from forbidden love to intense friendships that redefine our ideas of the forms love may take. Books, television, and cinema — even music — have taken advantage of the many stock love story formulas out there, but those story plots didn’t come out of thin […]

Terrestrial Extras: Naming the Next Step in Human Evolution

This is a meant to be a fun opinion piece to spark your imagination, submitted by thinkers in our community. The supporting theory for Terrestrial Extras names a new genus and species to the family of hominids – Nativus coniunctus. Terrestrial Extras are the next logical stage in the evolution of hominids – and although Terrestrial […]

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