Terrestrial Extras: Naming the Next Step in Human Evolution

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The supporting theory for Terrestrial Extras names a new genus and species to the family of hominids – Nativus coniunctus. Terrestrial Extras are the next logical stage in the evolution of hominids – and although Terrestrial Extra sightings have often been misconceived as extra-terrestrial or “alien” sightings, the theory remains sound, and arguments made by fervent believers have resulted in the strength that the theory holds today.

Terrestrial Extra Theory (TET) is described by the following two statements:

1) The Fallacy

The “aliens” that are spotted on earth are extraterrestrial beings, and have traveled from other planets and/or galaxies through space via UFO’s to visit earth.

2) The Terrestrial Extra Theory

The “aliens” that are seen on earth are not extraterrestrial beings, but rather “Terrestrial Extras” – from the earth, but not belonging to our era. They live on earth as a future species of hominids in a future era, and travel through time via UFO’s for various reasons.

These reasons may include things like the study of history, extinct species monitoring, tracking changes in geography, or maybe even recreational tourism. But because they are a native earth species and are not among the known species for any era but the one that they originated from, they are called Terrestrial Extras, and have probably been sighted by many species of life on earth for as long as the earth has existed. The one thing that allows them to do this, and the main differentiating attribute between modern humans and Terrestrial Extras is their knowledge of and ability to manipulate time.

“TET does not challenge the possibility of extra-terrestrial life; what it does is challenge the idea that reported ‘alien’ sightings are sightings of beings foreign to this earth. The probability that these beings traveled light years, arrived on earth, and look as similar to humans as reports portray is not as probable as the theory that these beings are native to earth, but living in a future era.”

Time travel… the ability to manipulate the fourth dimension.

There are many theories that propose explanations for the number of dimensions that exist. A universally understood theory is that our existence can be accurately measured using four dimensions – X, Y, Z, and Time. Currently, we have the ability to manipulate X, Y, and Z. Take one step forward, and you’ve manipulated your X dimension. Then take a step to the side, and you’ve manipulated your Y dimension. Now, jump straight up and you’ve manipulated your Z dimension. You have complete control over the first three dimensions. However, you do not have enough control over the fourth dimension to permit you to go back to the exact X, Y, and Z coordinates that you were at one minute ago. Read more about UFO Time Travel…

Why TET makes sense.

Almost every claim of an “alien sighting” on earth that has been published depicts a being with a head and four limbs. The head is usually larger than the head of a homo sapien, and the limbs leaner. It would make sense that, as we humans continue to increase our intelligence levels, the head would grow in size to allow for larger brain capacity. It would also make sense that as this phenomenon occurs, we have less of a need for physical strength (due to telekinetic and/or telepathic abilities), and are able to control our diet much better than we are today. Therefore, the average human body shape becomes leaner as it adapts to the advanced functionality of the brain. Read more about Nativus Coniunctus…

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