Nativus Coniunctus: Our Future Species Name

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Because Terrestrial Extras closely resemble modern-day Homo Sapiens, and because they are believed to be the next species of human life on earth, Terrestrial Extra researchers have given the Linnaean classification to the family of Hominids, under the Genus and Species Nativus coniunctus.

Linnaean classification:


The etymology of this name is derived from the latin definitions and the belief that Terrestrial Extras are from the Earth and share a collective knowledge or possibly other advanced telepathic methods of communication.

nativus -a -um, born; native, natural; inborn, innate.
coniunctus -a -um, connected, joined, agreeing, allied.

Evolution of man… and into the future:

Evolution of human skulls… and into the future:

UFO Time Travel

UFO Time Travel

Let’s challenge the idea that UFO’s come from other planets, galaxies, and solar systems. Terrestrial Extra Theory’s Time Travel explanation does not argue that this couldn’t happen, but rather that the majority of the UFO sightings on earth are actually sightings of time machines that came from another era on earth. Time machines have always been a fascination of humans around the globe, and although we have not yet figured out how to build one, there is no reason that someone in the future might figure it out. When they do, the possibility for them to explore the history of the earth will suddenly become an option.

Terrestrial Extra researchers suggest that the number of UFO sightings is probably less than 0.01 percent of the overall trips made by UFO’s on an annual basis. The necessity to preserve the past is of critical importance, especially once the ability to travel to the past has become available. Therefore, Terrestrial Extras have taken the necessary steps to ensure that past life is not interrupted. On the rare occasions where sightings have occurred, there may have been a technical difficulty aboard the craft, “traffic” congestion that prevented a timely departure, unexpected communication problems, or even technologies or events in the past world that prevented the proper functioning of the craft.

The exact reasoning is unknown, of course, but hypothesis surface along with new questions regarding the “why” behind this theory.

Why are sightings more common in some geographic regions than others? Could it be that major events in the future of the world will take place in these locations, and TE’s are visiting it prior to the event to take measurements? Is this why New Mexico has nearly ten times the number of sightings that New York has? Is something happening there now, or will something happen there in the future that will significantly change life on earth as we know it?

Why are their spikes in UFO sightings within certain time periods? How have UFO sightings changed the future world? Do Terrestrial Extras ever modify history in order to prolong their own existence?

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