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Most Common First Names in the American Midwest

First names come and go in popularity, and it is always interesting to see how trends change with time. Names that were common ten years ago are often nowhere to be seen today. Go back 50 years, and some may be making a comeback. It can be equally interesting to compare national trends against regional […]

Tracking How Last Names Evolve in Society

Did you know there are about 45,000 surnames or last names used in England? Each of these surnames comes with its own special history. Like many others, you might be wondering if last names have always been important. And how did surnames change over time? If you want to get to know their history, let’s take the […]

Common Mispronunciations of Last Names

Commonly mispronounced names have been at the heart of seemingly harmless jokes for decades. But could mispronouncing last names have an even greater effect on the person than we realize? How Mispronouncing Last Names Affects Us  Recently, I stumbled on an article written by Ruchika Tulshyan about how her colleagues’ struggle to say her name was negatively affecting her […]

25 Bizarre First Names That Are Totally Real

Every now and then, we hear about people who have names that are only best described as bizarre. Some of those names are so odd that you can’t even believe they’re real, but trust us, they definitely are. If you thought Frank Zappa’s kids found themselves in an interesting name situation — Moon Unit and Dweezil […]

Common Last Names and Their Origin Stories

In most countries, people’s names consist of both their first and last names. The first name is usually the given name, while the last name expresses the family name, although the order is reversed in some countries and cultures. Unlike the first name, however, your last name can potentially tell you a story about your […]

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