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6 Strange Name Coincidences in History

A wide variety of fascinating and mind-boggling things have happened throughout history, some so bizarre that you might not believe them to be real. Stories of complete strangers with an astonishing connection, predictions that came true, uncanny patterns… coincidences in this world are everywhere, and most seem as though they come from a story or movie, rather than straight […]

12 Strange and Long First Names

Sometimes parents make choices for their kids’ names that just seem odd to everyone else.  Of course, one person’s “strange” is another person’s “normal.” This is especially true in other languages. When I visited China, I learned that my given name can be translated there as “Big Noodle,” and you can bet that made the locals […]

8 Common First Names Taken From Car Brands

Most common names find their origins from languages like Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Persian. But what about… cars?! Some creative car enthusiasts have named their children after cars, and although it may seem a little eccentric, it’s not a new trend. Also, consider that there are few car brands that have been named after […]

Which Last Name Has The Highest Population in The U.S?

Naming is the first attempt by man at communication. This means that names have been around since the beginning of, well everything. Here is a riddle about it: “What do you have that is yours, but everyone else uses it way more than you do and ever will?” The answer, of course, is your name. […]

Most Common Names in the 17th Century

The seventeenth century saw a lot of action. It experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly from the civil war, the invention of the steam engine, a significant improvement in surgery practices, and a new outlook on human anatomy. It also gave birth to better technology like guns that were easier to shoot, and […]

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