8 Common First Names Taken From Car Brands

Most common names find their origins from languages like Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Persian. But what about… cars?! Some creative car enthusiasts have named their children after cars, and although it may seem a little eccentric, it’s not a new trend.

Also, consider that there are few car brands that have been named after their founder or historical figures, so you can’t always tell if a person has been named after the car or the car’s namesake without asking the parents. Nevertheless, it is fun to take a look at how many names may have been influenced by car brands. The following are some of the most common first names that match car brands:


Cooper is one of the most common first names that go beyond cars. The history of the name goes back to the 1960s when a British company known as the British Motor Corporation (BMC) produced the performance versions of the Mini: the Mini Cooper and Cooper S. The Mini was a small compact car that catered to the masses, owing to its low price, operation, and maintenance. This is why there are so many individuals named Cooper, especially men. It was later owned by British Leyland and Rover Group. At present, it is owned by the German automotive company BMW.


Lincoln is a luxury car brand of the American automobile giant Ford. The car brand was established in 1917, named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President. There are various products manufactured by Lincoln, such as SUVs, sedans, and crossovers. Lincoln’s limousine versions are used as official state cars for American presidents. Apart from North America, the car is widely sold in the Asian markets. Mostly baby boys are named Lincoln.


Mercedes is a name for girls, which has been influenced by Mercedes-Benz, an automobile company that manufactures luxury cars, buses, trucks, ambulances, and coaches. Between 1970 and 1990, there was an explosion in the number of baby girls given this name. This is one such name that is remembered by all. Mercedes was a brand of the German automobile manufacturer – DMG, which began its production in 1900.


Ford is a robust single-syllable name, which gives the aura of a brawny personality or car. The Ford Motor Company, more popularly known as Ford, is an automaker that manufactures sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and tractors. The company was established around 1903 by Henry Ford. The car brand is renowned for its muscle cars, such as Ford Mustang and pickup trucks such as the F150 and Ranger. These powerful vehicles inspire many to give their baby boys this name.


Royce is a common name given to males by many parents as it symbolizes the zenith of luxury and classy preference. The name is inspired by the British luxury automobile manufacturer Rolls-Royce, which was established by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls in 1906. This car brand also manufactured aircraft engines apart from luxury cars. The striking feature of the Rolls-Royce fleet of cars is that their manufacturing involves more of human craftsmanship and less robotics.


Genesis is one of the top names for girls, although it is a unisex name. Genesis was created in 2015 as the luxury brand of the South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company. The name generally denotes the first book of the Torah. The intriguing fact about this car is that it took three years for development with a whopping cost of half a billion dollars for the whole program. Furthermore, the car is aesthetic and resilient (great crash-test results). This is why many consider this to be a good name.


Bentley is one of the most common first names for boys as well as girls. The name comes from the British manufacturing company – Bentley Motors Limited, which manufactures luxury SUVs and cars. This car brand was founded in 1919 by the Bentley brothers. Bentley is associated with royalty because it is manufactured from expensive materials and assembled manually.


Lexus is a fairly common female name inspired by the car brand. It was launched as the luxury brand of the Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota in 1989, after which the name soared in popularity. Lexus is one of the bestselling luxury cars around the globe. The company manufactures both sedans and SUVs. The secret to the success of this luxury brand is its high resale value, reliability, dependability, and durability. Lexus also scores well in the aesthetics department, thanks to its amazing lamplight along with the cool spindle grille. Many people choose this name due to the versatility of the car.

While these names have an automotive origin, they seem to be able to stand the test of time, and any of them would make a great name, whether you’re are a car enthusiast or not.

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