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Which First Names Have The Highest Net Worth?

Over the years, some names like Rockefeller have commanded a particular power and respect. And although most billionaires are identified by their last names, here is a list of first names that have the highest net worth. According to the Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2019, there are 2,604 billionaires in the world. Jeffery: The name Jeffery […]

8 Longest Names Ever Given To People

What comes to naming children, society and civilization as a whole have come a long way. While some parents take this opportunity to name their babies after their favorite or most meaningful things – like people, family members, food, or movie characters, among other things, some parents take this as a challenge to test their […]

10 Most Common Unisex Names

One of the most unique identifiers of humanity since the beginning of time is the name. The first step to defining or figuring out who you are is in your name, which why most parents take such great care in naming their kids. And also why when people want to reinvent themselves, the first thing […]

Choosing Baby Names And Why It Matters

Choosing a baby name is exciting but brain-wracking at the same time. And sometimes, you just can’t make up your mind! There are too many to choose from and too many possibilities. What if your child grows up and hates you for your choice? It would be easier if you were simply doing this for […]

Difference Between Surname and Given Name

The main instrument to identify a person is their name. In many cultures, given name and surname are the fundamental ingredients that made up a person’s name. While given names and surnames may have different connotations and significance depending on the locations and culture, there are certain aspects that will always differentiate between the two […]

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