Most Common Names That Sound Like Something Else

As we go through life, we meet an endless number of people and learn thousands of different names. We get so used to hearing certain names over and over, but we don’t often stop to think about what they actually mean or sound like. 

Celebrities have become famous for naming their children odd names that sound like something else, like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow), Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay Z), and Sunday (Mike Myers). But even some familiar names that we can have extra meanings or connotations. 

7 Common Names that Sound Like Other Things

The Social Security Administration of the US government created a list of the 100 most common names over 100 years, from 1919 to 2018. Among those are several names that also sound like something else. Check them out below, along with a few other top picks. 

1. Chuck

Chuck is often a nickname for Charles, which is the 10th most common male name on the list. Chuck began to be given as a first name in place of Charles, however, in the 20th century. Chuck Berry, for example, is known as one of the pioneers of rock music and was born in 1926.

Chuck also means “to throw away,” and so if you think carefully about it, the name is reminiscent of something being tossed or hurled. 

2. Mark

16th on the list of most common male names is Mark, with 1,345,366 people having that name. Mark originally comes from the name Marcus, which is most probably derived from the Latin god Mars. Saint Mark from the bible inspired the propagation of this name even further.

However, the word “mark” has several definitions, including “to create a distinction” and “a written or printed symbol.” It can sound like something you put on a piece of paper, like when a teacher writes “marks” on an exam. 

3. Christian

This has become quite a popular name in recent years and is number 71 on the list, at 419,307 people. The name, of course, comes from “Christ” and basically just means someone who is a Christian. However, we often forget that it technically sounds like it is referring to the religion of Christianity. 

4. Amber

Amber is number 89 on the list of most common female names. Almost 370,000 people have had this name. Interestingly, this name became very popular after the release of Kathleen Winsor’s novel, Forever Amber

Although we may not think twice when we hear this as a name, amber is actually a type of gemstone formed from the resin of fossils. It might also remind you of the color amber, which has a yellowish-orange hue. Others might even think of the movie Jurassic Park, where scientists recreated dinosaurs from the DNA preserved in amber from millions of years ago. 

5. Rose

This name is the 93rd most common female name, with 357,944 people having the name. Rose is, of course, the name of a flower, and therefore sounds like the blossoms given often given in the name of love. Many other flower names have also become exceedingly popular over the years, including Lily, Petunia, Violet, Daisy, Jasmine, Iris, and Pansy.

When hearing the name Rose, movie buffs might also be reminded of the famous character from the movie Titanic

6. Angel 

This name is not included on the list of the 100 most common names. However, it is still a somewhat common name in many cultures around the world. 

The name Angel originally derives from the masculine Latin name of medieval times: Angelus. It has since been used more often as a feminine name. Obviously, it sounds like the mystical and heavenly creature we know from religious and spiritual beliefs. The Latin name was adapted from the Greek word, Angelos, meaning “messenger.” 

7. Belle

Just like Angel, this name is also not on the list of 100 most common names, but it’s well known, especially after the huge rise in popularity of the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast

Belle is used as a female name. And believe it or not, many people don’t realize it actually means “beautiful” in French. It is also a short form of the name Isabella or Isabel. Another close name that was later created is Maybelle (sometimes spelled Mabel). 

It’s fascinating to stop and think about what a name really sounds like or means. We tend to ignore the special attributes of first names we’re accustomed to, so it’s fun to take a closer look at what else these names could mean! 

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