20 First Names Based on Products

Did you know that there are many common first names derived from natural products? Yes, the world’s natural resources are potential first names that you probably wouldn’t even think to consider. But like the natural world itself, the names are beautiful.              

1. Barack

The first name of the charismatic 44th President of the US, which he owes to his Kenyan father, refers to a famous Hungarian apricot brandy as well. No, don’t ask whether Barack takes a little brandy in the backyard!

2. Jasmine

You might easily associate Jasmine with Aladdin’s famous Princess Jasmine. However, Jasmine refers to a beautiful Persian flower. It also is a popular spice.

3. Tamarind

The beautiful girl’s name, Tamarind, refers to a sweet-sour fruit. In Arabic, Tamarind translates into “date from India.” If you suspect that little baby girl is destined to travel the world, name her Tamarind!

4. Brie

Brie is the name of a well-known French cheese-manufacturing region (and who doesn’t love cheese?). This name may also be spelled as “Bree” or “Brielle.”

5. Amandine

The name Amandine may be uncommon in North America, but it’s a French version of Amanda, the more familiar name. Notably, Amandine means “what is garnished or prepared with almonds.”

6. Kobe

Also the name of the famous late US basketball star Kobe Bryant, the name Kobe refers to a Japanese steakhouse. It also means “supplanter” in Hebrew.

7. Saffron

When you first hear the name Saffron, you may probably think about Saffron Burrows, the renowned British actress and star of “Mozart in the Jungle.” Saffron is currently listed as #714 on the Nameberry product list and is a vibrant seasoning and coloring agent from the saffron crocus flower.

8. Peaches

Not only is it the name of a fruit, but Peaches is also an adorable name popularized by Peaches Geldof, the late British model and TV personality. 

9. Daisy

At first, Daisy was considered primarily as “Margaret’s nickname.” The name Daisy refers to a peculiar edible flower that tastes great when served with salad.

10. Basil

You probably love to use the ordinary basil product with salads, pizzas, and pasta. Yes, it does well with a delicious taste on virtually everything. A typical boy’s name, Basil, actually means “brave and royal.” It is also the name of a revered saint in the Orthodox Christian church, St. Basil the Great.

11. Juniper

The sweet name Juniper can be bestowed on both boys and girls. It is also the berry that gives gin its special, piney flavor.

12. Barlett

Barlett is a name that refers to a specific variety of pear. Its other meaning is “son of the earth.” Interesting, isn’t it?

13. Ginger

Ginger may be one of the Spice Girls, but it is also a much-respected flower cultivated for its root. The flavor is popular in Asian cuisine and as a medicinal solution to many common ailments like sore throat and upset stomach.

14. Rosemary

The ever-popular Rosemary refers to a beautifully scented herb. So, fitting, you must think. Rosemary may well be contrasted with Dijon, a spicy, sweet name usually reserved for a boy. Of course, Dijon is a French capital city. Significantly, the city is renowned for its high-quality mustard and wine products.

15. Kale

Hearing Kale, you are likely reminded about the typical leafy green that we all love. Well, Kale is also a popular boys’ name. The name became increasingly popular in the US after 2008 when Shia Baleouf acted as Kale Brecht in Disturbia, a blockbuster movie. By 2014 the name ranked #972 on the baby name database.  

16. Harissa

Harissa is a North African spicy staple delicacy that goes well with chili pepper. As you must know, Harissa is also a pretty girlie name.

17. Clove

Clove is a popular boys’ name, which is mostly inspired by spice. You may alternatively use “Clovis” instead of Clove.

18. Charlotte

The name Charlotte is not just a powerful French name, but also a ladyfingers dessert. 

19. Angelica

Angelica is not only a beautiful girl’s name, but it is also a wild celery plant. You’re better off referring to this herb as Angelica, too, because you may not want to use its alternative: Masterwort.

20. Sherry

Sherry is a popular alcoholic beverage made from white grapes and fortified with Brandy (another product-based name!). The name Sherry became popular as a girl’s name in the 1960s.


If you’re looking for a unique name for your child that isn’t farfetched or over the top, just look to what the world gives us. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in the herbs and products we use every day.

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