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205 Ruf Road Orangeburg, SC
(803) 536-3918

Live. Love. Bark.

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Status: Last posted as 'available' on 04/26/24

Male Dog, Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever / Boxer / Mixed (Short Coat)


Hey there, pals! Woof woof! I'm Cash, the ultimate show-off pooch who's been waiting patiently for his big break. You see, I've got this thing about carrying my treasures with me wherever I go—it's like my own personal parade, and I'm the star of the show! Whether it's my water bowl, toys, or even my comfiest blankets, I strut around like I own the place, proudly showing off my loot to anyone who'll give me a glance. But here's the scoop: underneath all this bravado, I'm just a big softie with a heart as big as my collection. I'm all about love and affection, and I'll jump at any chance to give kisses and snuggle up for belly rubs. Yep, you heard that right—I'm a cuddle connoisseur in the making! Now, I'll admit it—I haven't had the easiest journey. Found as a stray, I've been patiently waiting for my forever family to come claim me. But in the meantime, I'm making the most of every day, showing off my impressive collection of household items that I've, ahem, acquired. So here's the deal: if you're in the market for a sweet, silly, and lovable pup who's just a tad desperate but oh-so-sweet, then look no further! I'm Cash, and I'm here to make you smile. With my goofy antics and endless supply of love and affection, I promise to be the best four-legged friend you've ever had! Cash has been neutered and is ready to find his forever home. Will you be the one to make my dreams come true? The adoption fee includes age appropriate vaccinations and deworming, Frontline application, spay or neuter surgery, collar, ID tag and a leash. A $35 (non-refundable) deposit will hold the pet for you for 5 days. Call 803-536-3918 for more information or email at: [email protected]

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