The status of Sapphire Submissive Sweet Gentle Girlie was
last posted on 06/19/23 by

Please contact them directly
if you are interested in
adopting Sapphire Submissive Sweet Gentle Girlie - here's
what they've published:

19 Woodbine Street Rowayton, CT
(203) 854-9896

Did someone say dognip?

picture of the dog needing adoption

Sapphire Submissive Sweet Gentle Girlie
Status: Last posted as 'available' on 06/19/23

Female Dog, Terrier

Terrier / Mixed (Medium Coat)


Sapphire is about 2 years old, weighs 50 lbs, slightly thin but gaining weight. She's healthy and heartworm negative. She is a sweet, scared, submissive girl, and was terrified at the shelter. She is not used to being on a leash and tends to belly crawl, but she walked a bit during the transport. She's doing much better here, not so scared and really feels much more comfortable with the other dogs around her. She still does the belly crawl, but it's getting better, she will come to me and wants petting. She'll always be the submissive dog, but will gain confidence with more exposure to new people and situations. She'd be a great 2nd dog for a family. She's fine with kids, cats and dogs.

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