The status of ROSITA was
last posted on 04/11/24 by

Please contact them directly
if you are interested in
adopting ROSITA - here's
what they've published:

9470 E. Chanlyut Circle Palmer, AK
(907) 746-5500

Did someone say catnip?!

picture of the cat needing adoption

Status: Last posted as 'available' on 04/11/24

Female Cat, Domestic Medium Hair

Domestic Medium Hair (Medium Coat)


Rosita is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She has done great with meeting new people and handling. We discovered that she even enjoys being held! It is unknown if Rosita has lived with other animals or children, but Rosita has not been bothered by the other cats in the shelter. She could potentially do well with a nice friend, but slow introductions are advised! Rosita has a chill and laid back personality and tends to go with the flow! Rosita could make a great family kitty because she is loveable and outgoing!

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