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9470 E. Chanlyut Circle Palmer, AK
(907) 746-5500

Keep calm and purr on.

picture of the cat needing adoption

Status: Last posted as 'available' on 04/16/24

Male Cat, Domestic Long Hair

Domestic Long Hair (Medium Coat)


Beau and Binks are a bonded pair and should be adopted together. Binks is shy and is often comforted by Beau and Beau enjoying snuggling with Bink in their down time! Previous owners mentioned that they are not typically as accepting towards other animals. Neither kitty has been mean to other animals but why prefer to keep to themselves! Beau and Bink would be happiest in a mellow home. They have done well with meeting new people, but can be standoffish towards small children. Beau is more outgoing and despite being the older one he is more active! You may notice him scratching on their room door or hitting toys out from underneath to get your attention. He is typically at your feet asking to be petted. Binks is shy and mellow. He is usually perched in the sun or curled up in their bed! He also will hit toys out from under the cat door, but he is most comfortable with just playing with Beau. Binks has a sensitive soul and appreciates being talked to softly and petted gently. We do anticipate Binks feeling much more comfortable in a home!

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