Unique Gender-Neutral First Names

Some of the most fascinating baby names are gender-neutral. Rather than identifying whether you’re male or female, they focus on meaning and telling a story. Names are fascinating and can be a personality-defining part of your child’s life, not to mention that gender-bending names is a huge trend right now. 

So here are some truly unique names that are totally gender-neutral. Now you can pick a name before you get to the hospital, even if you’re keeping the baby’s gender a surprise. 

40 Uncommon Baby Names for For Boys and Girls

  1. Alva: It means brightness in Hebrew. It has Scandinavian and Norse origins.    
  2. Avignon: It’s a great French name, and it’s actually a town in Southeastern France.
  3. Aubrey: It sounds a bit effeminate, but it has gained traction as a boy’s name too. It means a person with magical powers.
  4. Brooks: It means a creek or a stream of water. It can also be short for Brooklyn. It has both Swedish and English roots.
  5. Brayden: It’s an old English surname that means a broad valley. You can also interchange the “y” with an “i.”
  6. Cassidy: It has an Irish origin, and it means clever. It was modified from the surname “Caiside.”
  7. Corin: Traditionally, a boy’s name, but it’s a great gender-neutral name. It’s a Latin name for spear.   
  8. Domenique: It has French and Latin roots and means lord. You can also replace the first “e” for an “i.”
  9. Derry: It means oak grove, and it’s actually derived from the old Irish word “Daire.” It’s also a city in Ireland.
  10. Elixen: This exotic name is derived from the word Elixir, which means a magical liquid.
  11. Essery: It means a cart maker, and it is derived from the German name “Esser.”
  12. Ennis: This name has Gaelic roots, and it means Island. You can also drop the “i” and replace it with “e.”
  13. Finney: It means a heap of wood. The name comes from the place located in Cheshire.
  14. Florian: This name has Latin origins, and it comes from the word Florus which means yellow.
  15. Gizeh: It’s a great unisex name with an Arabic origin. It means shaped stone, and also, it’s the name of an ancient city in Egypt.  
  16. Hyeon: This name is actually Korean, and it’s a play on the name “Hyun.” It gives it a more western appeal. It means virtuous or worthy.
  17. Hilliard: The name was used for boys, but now it’s more gender-neutral. It has English origins, and it means battle guard. You can also drop the “i” on either side and replace it with a “y.”
  18. Jaspreet: This is a great Indian name that both men and women carry. It means someone who praises the Lord.
  19. Jourdain: This is a nice French unisex name that means flowing down. Alternative spelling would be “Jourdayn” or “Jordain.”    
  20. Kieran: This name is interesting because a sixth-century saint had this name. It has Irish roots, and it means dark or black.
  21. Kamber: It has German roots, and it’s named after an old occupation called comb making. Another variation is Kymber.
  22. Lux: This name is Greek, and it means light. It also comes from the word “luz,” which is Spanish and has the same meaning.
  23. Louvain: This unusual name is actually the name of a city located in Belgium. “Leuven” is the alternative version, but also a great name.
  24. Marquette: This name is French, so it sounds very rich and exquisite. It means one who owns land.
  25. Madan: This name originates from India, and it means God of love. An alternative spelling is Madaan.
  26. Misha: In Russia, it is used as a man’s name, but it works well as a unisex name. It means gift from God.
  27. Rami: This is an Arabic name, and it means someone who is good marksmen. Another variation would be “Ramie” or “Ramy.”
  28. River: This is a name that is reminiscent of nature. It means a body of water and is a great unisex name.  
  29. Sydney: It means big island, and it has English roots. It’s also a city in Australia. The first “y” can be replaced with “i” for an alternative spelling.
  30. Sabriel: It has English origins, and it means God’s hero.
  31. Tyme: This is an alternative spelling of “time.” You can add “h” to make it “Thyme” like the herb.
  32. Trinity: It has Latin and Spanish roots, and it means threefold or triad.
  33. Tristan: It means bold, and it has Celtic and Welsh roots.
  34. Voss: It means fox in German. Usually a boy’s name, but it’s a great unisex fit.
  35. Yarden: It means Jordan in Hebrew, but the name is unisex.
  36. Yancy: Nancy with the “n” removed for “y,” which makes it unisex.
  37. Yonah: It comes from the Hebrew word “Yonina,” which means dove.
  38. Zene: It has originated from Africa, and it means beautiful or gorgeous.
  39. Zajac: This name is Polish, and it means rabbit.
  40. Zayn: This is an Arabic name, and it means beautiful. An alternative spelling is “Zyn.”

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