Most Popular Baby Boy Names in 2020

We as humans want to be that person that’s different but in a unique way. We want a name that sticks out and is more special than the other individual in the room. Back in the days, it was increasingly famous to pick a typical name, fortunately, millennial parents are defying that norm and thinking of progressively one of a kind names. Regardless of whether you name your baby boy after a celebrity, or take a typical name and make it your own, there is no rule set in stone with regards to naming a kid. 

However, everyone wants to give their children that unique name that makes them stand out among their peers. Millenials want to abstain from naming their child the most common/uber-trendy name every other person is going to give their little one.

Picking a name for your child is a genuine strive. Names will, in general, in and out of fashion, yet there’s no precise science to clarify why certain names develop in notoriety at a given time. This requires careful research, you don’t want to end up naming your child after a criminal or after a washed-up celebrity. 

Perhaps, learning some extra information about the name will be of great help to your research. If you are keen on learning 2020s most famous baby boy’s names and it’s meaning, then you don’t need to look any further! 

  1. Reese: The name Reese is of Welsh origin. You might be thinking “I know a girl named Reese”. Yes, Reese is a unisex name but it’s set to break into the boys’ top 100. Reese means Fiery, Ardent. Reese is known to be fit, funny, kind and super caring.
  1. Tate: It is of Norse origin and it means Cheerful. You can always expect a cheery mood from Tate and a beautiful smile to melt your heart. Tate is known to have amazing eyes, and hair, he is very funny and brightens up your day.
  1. Elijah: For the Christian parents looking for a strong baby boy name, Elijah is one of the best. It is a Hebrew name gotten from the Prophet Elijah, a miracle worker and a devoted worshipper of God. It means Yahweh is God.  Elijah is known to be one of the most humble people in the whole world, he is one funny &humorous guy. 
  1. Asher: Asher was the eighth son of Jacob in the bible and he was promised a life of blessings and abundance. Asher means Happy, Fortunate, Blessed. It still stands outside the top 1,000. Asher is known to be sweet and extremely kind no matter what he goes through.
  1. Theodore: Theodore is one to have many beautiful nicknames. Ted, Teddy, Theo. The name is gotten from the Greek words theos, meaning “God,” and dōron, meaning “gift,” giving Theodore the meaning “God-given” or “gift of God.” Theodore is known to be a nice, sweet, sexy, very odd type of person, that everyone can get along with.
  1. Luca: Luca is originally gotten from the name Lucas which is Latin and means Light. Luca is known to be the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He will always be there for you even if he’s at the darkest moment, he will simply put on a smile and support you.
  1. Ares: The name Ares was gotten from the god of war, one of the Twelve Olympian gods and the son of Zeus. Ares is known to be excellent at analyzing and learning. They tend to be philosophers and scholars. They are usually quiet and introverted. Ares is known to be is tall and handsome.
  1. Kieran: The name is of Irish Origin meaning Dark one, probably due to the dark hair colour they’re known for. Kieran is known to be strong and attractive, with a love for fashion. 
  1. Miles: The name Miles is of Greek origin. It means Soldier. Miles is known to always fight for what’s right. He has a real sense of humour. 
  1. Easton: The name Easton is of English Origin meaning east-facing place. Easton is known for great personality, and a great friend. He is confident and someone you can approach for advice.

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