Choosing Baby Names And Why It Matters

Choosing a baby name is exciting but brain-wracking at the same time. And sometimes, you just can’t make up your mind! There are too many to choose from and too many possibilities. What if your child grows up and hates you for your choice?

It would be easier if you were simply doing this for yourself, but no worries. With a few tips and tricks, choosing a baby name can definitely get easier.

Cadence, Length, and Spelling

You don’t want your child’s name to be a tongue twister (try Rainier Royce Taylor). Don’t make it too long and complicated either to spare her the hassle when filling out forms, and keep the spelling basic (Annah, with an H, can mean a lifetime making corrections). Still, that’s no excuse for being boring so find a middle ground.

Initials and Nicknames

When thinking of a baby name, consider initials and nicknames. Ryan Allen Tonner sounds nice, but your child won’t be happy with those initials later on. Nicknames are also something to consider. If you name your daughter Analiese, she’ll probably pick up Anna or Lizzy. Just make sure the short form is as safe as the long form.


You and your partner can spend so much time ping-ponging different names without ever agreeing on something. But if you each have a name you particularly like, why not combine them? Roseanne, Julianna and Lucyanne are interesting examples of combo names.

Cultural Influences

Another idea you can try is a baby name that reflects your culture. For example, Sofia is common among Hispanic communities, but if you’re Hispanic and your partner is American, you can come up with a hybrid to make the name culturally relevant yet easy to pronounce and remember. For example, rather than just Sofia, you can name your baby Sofiabelle.


Who wants a name that carries an air of bad vibes? Ted would be neat unless your surname is Bundy. Not that it means anything, technically speaking, but you don’t want your child to grow up with the trauma of always being associated with a notorious murderer. As much as possible, keep your baby’s name in the positive or at least neutral.


If you’re thinking of something as common as Jessica or Peter, go listen to your inner voice. But if you’re treading on dangerous waters like Cinnamon or Affinity or Gambit, at least talk to the people closest to you and ask them what they think. Sometimes, you need others to point out a fatal flaw – and hope it won’t have to be your child.


Look everywhere around you. There’s always an inspiration to discover. Love music? Name your baby after your favorite songwriter. Crazy about Martha’s Pasta down the street? Martha’s a beautiful name and it can even start some kind of family ritual when you go there to eat with your daughter.


Logically speaking, it’s best to choose a name for your baby before delivery. Having to process documents retroactively can indeed be so much trouble. But one disadvantage is the possibility of the chosen name not matching your kid’s personality. It would be ridiculous to hold off naming until your child starts to show some personality, so what do you do? Just go with your best instincts. You will usually be right. If not, just invent a nickname that more perfectly reflects who she is as a person.

Why You Should Take Baby Naming Seriously

At the end of the day, you’ll want to choose a baby name while putting yourself in their shoes. You don’t want them to feel embarrassed about their name or have a hard time getting others to pronounce it. If you think you’d be happy to have the name you’re currently thinking, then perhaps you’re on the right track. If not, then go back to the drawing board and start anew.

Needless to say, our names are very important to us. It tells the world who we are and the things we could become. Hence, as parents, be sure to spend time naming your children carefully, considering how your choices will affect them not only as kids but especially as fully functioning adults in society.

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