The status of Feline Emmaline was
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Please contact them directly
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adopting Feline Emmaline - here's
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3861 12 Mile Rd Remus, MI
(989) 330-5147

Keep calm and purr on.

picture of the cat needing adoption

Feline Emmaline
Status: Last posted as 'available' on 09/15/22

Female Cat, Domestic Short Hair

Domestic Short Hair


3-4-20 Emmaline is a grey tiger female who came in with a group of 4 kittens. She is on the shy side, yet she will arch her back when you pet her, so she does want the attention. 3-21-20 Emmaline, a grey tiger female, who is a little bit shy, and is around 4 months old.Emmaline is looking for attention now, and will even invite herself on your lap.She loves to be petted and purrs a lot. She is other cat friendly.She does not like to be picked up, as it scares her, so we respect that and continue to work with her.

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